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We are a People as a Service Outsourcer that leverages digital technology to provide customized solutions to high-growth, new economy companies. Our focus is on helping these market-disrupting companies manage their customer interactions, tackle complex tasks, and grow their brands with confidence.

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Taskeers' Philosophy

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of outsourcing solutions for high-growth, market-disrupting, and technology companies.

We strive to harness our expertise in digital technology and customer service to deliver outstanding experiences to our clients and their customers.Our objective is to assist our clients in attaining their business goals by offering dependable and adaptable services that cater to their requirements.

We imagine a future where our company is renowned for its inventive and efficient solutions, and where our clients consider us a trusted ally in their journey towards growth.

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Our Services

What We Offer

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Digital Customer Experience

Outsource your CX management and enhance your digital customer experience with our BPO services. We help businesses optimize their digital channels and create a seamless customer journey to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Back-Office Support

Taskeer offers reliable back-office support services to help businesses streamline their operations and focus on core competencies. Our services include data entry, customer support, and administrative tasks.

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Digital Marketing Support

Taskeers provides reliable digital marketing support services to help businesses enhance their online presence and drive growth. Our services include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing.

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Content Control & Verification

Taskeer provides reliable content control and verification services to help businesses ensure accuracy, quality, and compliance of their content. Our services include proofreading, copy editing, and content validation.

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Cybersecurity Management

Taskeer offers reliable cybersecurity management services to help businesses safeguard their data, networks, and systems from cyber threats. Our services include risk assessments, vulnerability testing, and security monitoring.

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Human In The Loop (HITL)

Taskeers provides reliable Human In The Loop (HITL) services to help businesses enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their AI solutions. Our services include data labeling, annotation, and quality control.

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Our Approach

Proven Approach To Help You Get Started

1 Onboarding

Your onboarding manager helps you build your team using a proven project management approach (roadmap, recruit, process, train, and launch).

2 Sourcing

Your recruiting team combines sourcing and headhunting to interview, test, and curate your custom-tailored team.

3 Training

Your training team facilitates and builds training documentation with you and creates a certification plan with your team.

4 Production

Your custom team is 100% dedicated to you. They are assigned a manager, and we continually monitor KPIs and goals.

5 Continuous improvement

You are assigned a customer support manager to partner with you on continuous improvement and help you project manage your work and team.

6 Growth

You can accelerate growth, level up production, increase efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

Our Insights

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